Field Examination and Collateral Management Services

Trust but Verify

We work closely with financial institutions, specializing in reviewing a business owner's collateral, and ensuring that the financial condition is accurate and coincides with owner representations to the lending institution. Our goal is to provide to lenders their client's comprehensive collateral monitoring report, including field exams. With these reports, lenders gain a unique insight and understanding of management accounting systems. 

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               In-Depth Field Examinations                       

Field examinations help lenders understand the financial help of their clients in various industries such as finance, construction, manufacturing, and distribution, including furniture, industrial machinery, logistics, automobiles, and millwork import. Robert Phelps Consulting LLC completes examinations using Assetwriter® software by FinSoft LLC a leading provider of field examination software. Our field examinations include:

Accounts Receivable Services 
Roll foward and dilution analysis, monthly aging trends, examination of invoice support, and completion of confirmations are examples of procedures completed. Additionally, accounts receivable concentration analysis and the borrowing base calculation provide extra insight. 


Inventory Services
Price tests, physical test counts, and a search for obsolete inventory result give lenders a comprehensive analysis of the borrower's inventory.

Other Services
Accounts payable trends are examined and Federal and State Tax filings are reviewed. A general evaluation is completed on the accounting and internal control systems.


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